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The reaction, the strength and dignity of Japan after earthquake disaster
By: Date: March 14, 2011 Categories: Lifestyle,News Tags: , , , , , ,

The strongest earthquake ever recorded in Japan triggered an even more devastating tsunami. The death toll is going to increase every day, for several days ahead. The final account of this horrific event will be appalling: thousands of people dead, hundreds of thousand crippled or injured or hurt or ruined or somehow screwed up. Nuclear facilities…

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Japan earthquake : help from South-East Asia, rice and humanitarian team to Tokyo
By: Date: March 14, 2011 Categories: News Tags: , , , , ,

South East Asia, the region worst hit by the tsunami of 2004, responded to the disaster of the earthquake in Japan by offering rice supplies and teams of aid workers and arranging the repatriation of their citizens, which thousands are working or studying in Japan. Indonesia, where 100 thousands people died seven years ago, said that…

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Worst earthquake disaster in the Japan history
By: Date: March 11, 2011 Categories: News Tags: , , , , , , ,

It was the worst in the Japan’s history and the seventh worst ever in the world, the powerful earthquake that on Friday afternoon local time, struck the northeastern coast of Japan, including Tokyo. The quake has reached an intensity of no less than 8.9 degrees on Richter scale and generated a tsunami that arrived in the port…

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