3 Reasons to Play at Legit Online Casinos Only
By: Date: February 26, 2021 Categories: Tokyo Lifestyle

The online gambling industry is characterized by an abundance of websites. If you’re a newbie and just going to start a gambling career, the probability of coming across cheating platforms is very high. Since gambling is directly associated with money investing, it is important to find a trustworthy website to feel out of the danger…

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Golden Gai: a mysterious place in Shinjuku, Tokyo
By: Date: September 7, 2020 Categories: Guide,Shinjuku Tags: , , , ,

Golden Gai is truly a magical place, located in Kabuki-cho, the Shinjuku district that never sleeps in Tokyo. Golden Gai doesn’t contain any grand buildings or monuments, but is simply a tiny fragment of old Tokyo that has miraculously survived : this is an area with about 200 small bar that accommodate five to ten customers each. This…

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Must see in Tokyo : Park Hyatt Hotel
By: Date: September 4, 2020 Categories: Guide,Shinjuku Tags: , , , ,

Tokyo is a treasure that contains pretty much everything. And the city continues to change, it often happens that within a couple of years a whole neighborhood changes the face, knocking down and rebuilding new buildings, businesses and more. It is a big city, with a lot of green, very modern, but contains also a lot of ancient buildings and…

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Onsen in Japan
By: Date: September 3, 2020 Categories: Lifestyle,Onsen,Tradition Tags: , , , , ,

The Onsen in Japan are spa where you can receive treatments based on water coming from volcanic underground. The land of Japan sits right on a volcanic belt and this geographic characteristic allows many volcanic hot springs to emerge out from its earth. It is said that there are over 3,000 hot spring locations nationwide. Since…

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By: Date: September 2, 2020 Categories: Akihabara,Guide Tags: , , , ,

Akihabara, also known as the “Electric Town”, is the biggest electronics shop district in the world and one of the most important japanese pop culture springs. Akihabara gained some fame through being home to one of the first stores devoted to personal robots and robotics. Located near Tokyo Station, in Akihabara you can find gadget, technology, anime, video games,…

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By: Date: September 2, 2020 Categories: Akasaka,Guide Tags: , , , ,

Akasaka  is a residential and commercial district of  Minato-Tokyo, located west of the government center in Nagatachō and north of the Roppongi nightlife district. Akasaka is appealing more for the high concentration of luxury hotels than for any tourist attractions that are worthy of note. But if it happens to go here, you will certainly find some place of…

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By: Date: September 2, 2020 Categories: Guide,Shinjuku Tags: , , , , , , ,

In Shinjuku, all the characteristics that make Tokyo an interesting city are concentrated in a single, bustling district: luxury department stores, shopping at discount, dazzling neon signs, austere government offices, crowds huddled, giant screens in the streets, cafes to enjoy a bowl of noodles standing up, nights club with escorts, sanctuaries located in areas not visible…

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By: Date: September 2, 2020 Categories: Guide,Roppongi Tags: , , , , ,

Packed with bars and restaurants, Roppongi is characterized by a crackling intense nightlife. Roppongi is famous as one of the foremost entertainment districts in Tokyo. After the 1970, many discos, bars, and nightclubs were built and this district gained a very youthful and international aura. The fame of this Tokyo nightlife spot is known worldwide with many…

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By: Date: September 2, 2020 Categories: Guide Tags: ,

A quarter of Japan’s population lives within 30 miles from the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. With over 13 million people, Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world and it is political capital, economic and cultural life of Japan. At first glance, Tokyo may seem like a disturbing mixture of skyscrapers, crowded sidewalks and…

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