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Tokyo Public Baths
By: Date: September 18, 2012 Categories: Tips,Tokyo Lifestyle Tags: , , ,

The thought of being naked together with dozens of strangers in a Japanese “sento” (public bath), is fine for you or do you have some embarrassment? Whatever is your answer, I am convinced that most of you are not aware of which are the conduct and behavior to keep in a public bath or in a Japanese…

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The Two Most Romantic Shrines in Tokyo
By: Date: July 3, 2012 Categories: Guide,Tips,Travel Tags: , , ,

We all know, Tokyo attracts travelers looking to explore the blend of traditional culture, pop and technology that defines the city and its people. But if you go to Tokyo looking for something else? Let’s say, for example, the romance? Forget the sticky streets of Kabukicho or boisterous Shinjuku and Shibuya. Instead, do what the Japanese…

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Fune no Kagakukan, the ship-shaped building in Odaiba, Tokyo
By: Date: May 4, 2012 Categories: Odaiba,Tips Tags: , , , ,

When you move to the artificial island of Odaiba across the Rainbow Bridge, on the right, beyond the palace of the Fuji TV, you will notice a big white ship. From that distance, the only detail that could possibly indicate that in fact it is a building, is the unusual height of the control tower, that is too tall to be a real ship, with a strangely color red on top. In fact this construction is called Fune no Kagakukan, and it is the Museum of Maritime Science of Tokyo.     The unusual tower…

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TOP 5 Izakaya in Tokyo
By: Date: February 6, 2012 Categories: Guide,Tips,Tokyo Lifestyle Tags: , , , , , , , ,

The “Izakaya” are those places where you can eat and drink at low prices, although the food quality remains high. Izakaya are the favorite places of Japanese Salarymen that, when they end up their working days, they meet together with their colleagues, consuming food and gallons of beer and sake. The Izakaya, excluding dining areas that offer expensive…

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The wonderful Ghibli Museum in Tokyo : Hayao Miyazaki
By: Date: April 18, 2011 Categories: Tips,Travel Tags: , , , , ,

The Ghibli Museum captures the essence of the works of Miyazaki Hayao, Japan’s most prominent anime director. Any fans of Studio Ghibili ‘s films will immediately recognize the design of the museum building as reminiscent of Miyazaki’s films : it is simply a delight to walking around and look at all the details. The museum is not…

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