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Tokyo Midtown
By: Date: September 16, 2013 Categories: Tokyo Lifestyle Tags: ,

Tokyo Midtown is the name of the “micro-futuristic city” of Tokyo. The cost of its construction was 3 billion and opened its doors in 2007. The direct competitor is Roppongi Hills, which otherwise is only 500 meters. The main building of Midtown is still higher than the Mori Tower, it is actually the tallest building…

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Soineya : First Place in Tokyo for Those Who Don’t Want to Sleep Alone
By: Date: October 9, 2012 Categories: Akihabara,Tokyo Lifestyle,Travel Tags: , , , , ,

Sometimes, after a long and stressful day, there’s nothing more comforting than going to bed with your partner and fall asleep in his arms. But what if you have no one you can cuddle? If you are in Japan, you might think to go to a soapland or some other place like that, but then…

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Tokyo Public Baths
By: Date: September 18, 2012 Categories: Tips,Tokyo Lifestyle Tags: , , ,

The thought of being naked together with dozens of strangers in a Japanese “sento” (public bath), is fine for you or do you have some embarrassment? Whatever is your answer, I am convinced that most of you are not aware of which are the conduct and behavior to keep in a public bath or in a Japanese…

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TOP 5 Izakaya in Tokyo
By: Date: February 6, 2012 Categories: Guide,Tips,Tokyo Lifestyle Tags: , , , , , , , ,

The “Izakaya” are those places where you can eat and drink at low prices, although the food quality remains high. Izakaya are the favorite places of Japanese Salarymen that, when they end up their working days, they meet together with their colleagues, consuming food and gallons of beer and sake. The Izakaya, excluding dining areas that offer expensive…

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Tokyo Game Show 2011
By: Date: September 27, 2011 Categories: Chiba,News,Tokyo Lifestyle Tags: , , , , ,

After the devastating earthquake in March, the event “Tokyo Game Show 2011” was expected more mournful than ever. But the Japanese, who have amazed the world with their resilience, and even more they have impressed themselves, they arranged a fantastic sixteenth edition (which took place the weekend of 17-18 September 2011), that saw record attendance of over 220…

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