Your Essential Survival Guide to Festivals
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If you are a regular attendee at festivals and gigs, then you will know what it’s like to go without life’s comforts while spending a few days in a tent. However, you don’t have to be completely without civilization; there are a few handy items that you can take with you. They will help you live a little better and let you stay in contact with the outside world. Here are some of the best ideas.


Wind-Up Mobile Phone Charger

Many festivals have a charging tent so that you don’t run out of juice. However, they are usually crowded, and you don’t get a lot of time to charge your phone. Instead, why not try taking a wind-up mobile charger? All you need to do is plug it into your phone and wind up the generator. Not only will it give your mobile a power boost, but it will also keep you fit.


Head Torch

A head torch is an essential item for any festival. If you need to leave the tent in the night for the toilet or to have a quick puff on your Mount Baker Vapor vaping machine, then you don’t want to get lost. Tents tend to look the same in the dark, and you want a torch that will leave your hands free, so you don’t drop it in the mud.



Standing outside in the sun watching your favorite band may be good for the soul, but it isn’t so good for your skin. You need to make sure that you are wearing a high factor sunscreen to prevent yourself from burning. Don’t just keep it in your tent either, take it with you so you can top up during the day as well.


First Aid Kit

Although festivals will have their own first aid tents, you should also keep a supply of things with you as well. Part of the pack should be some painkillers for that hangover headache, or for any injuries you sustain while you’re there. It is also a good idea to pack some antacids, plenty of plasters and some after sun. Although you can treat many ailments with this kit, for any serious injuries, you should still go to the medical team.



Although you might not be able to take a shower, it is still important to take toiletries with you. It is especially important to pack toilet rolls, it can be easy to forget, but so hard to fix afterwards, so remember to pack plenty for your trip. If you also pack plenty of water, you can also take your toothbrush and toothpaste, so you can at least clean your teeth. In fact, taking plenty of water is a good idea in any case.

Festivals are a great way to see new bands and enjoy your favorite music, by remembering a few essential items, you can make your festival experience even better. You also won’t need to rely on queueing at the tents that they set up for you.

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