Tips for Studying Whilst Travelling Around Japan
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Many full-time students take full advantage of the ability to be in charge of their own education, and it’s not just skipping the odd lecture and catching up online which we are talking about either. Plenty of students take advantage of their new-found freedom and jet off abroad to fit in some much-needed travelling whilst still taking time out to continue with their studies.

Travel and study do not always mix easily, however, with a little planning and some innovation you can quite easily keep on top of your studies whilst seeing and exploring Japan. Many colleges and schools enable their students to study whilst travelling and its popularity is catching on. It’s not just huge colleges, however, and even some dental assistant programs in Dayton Ohio and elsewhere allow this.

Here are five tips for travelling whilst studying full-time.


#1: Know Your Exam Timetable

The last thing you want to do is end up in a foreign country and realise you had an examination coming up which overlaps with your travel. This is a big issue and it could cause you a lot of grief! Read your timetable, note down when your examinations are coming up and keep them in mind so you can ensure you make it home in time for them.


#2: Research Internet Access

Japan has very good internet access – both through Wi-Fi and mobile data – and it is quite similar to coverage in the U.S., however, there are areas which do not have coverage and you should do your research if you plan on heading off the beaten track. You don’t want to get to a deadline due date and have no internet through which to submit your work.


#3: Take Everything You Need

You will need everything you use for study at home with you, including any electronics, chargers and textbooks. You could opt to scan some of your textbooks to lighten your luggage, but you will still need a pen and paper to write ideas down and post-it notes for indexing. From Gucci sunglasses to your favorite backpack, remember to bring with you everything you need.


#4: Keep in Touch with Your Institution

Just because you are travelling does not mean you need to go off of the map, in fact this is the opposite to what you should be doing. Maintain regular contact with your tutors and classmates so that you are kept up-to-date on recent happenings and that they know everything is OK.


#5: Take Time to Travel

The whole point of travelling is to travel… don’t let the fact that you have full-time study detract from this. Balance your time properly and stick to a schedule so that you can maximise both study and leisure time without burning yourself out or letting one suffer.

Many full-time students opt to go travelling whilst studying; the freedom which comes with studying full-time only comes once in a lifetime and many people choose to make the most of this and see as much of the world as possible whilst studying. With preparation, it is possible.

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