Tokyo’s Street Sleepers
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A Businessman sleeps in a Tokyo's street

Sleeping in a street? Nothing is more common in Tokyo.

It could sound a bit strange, but I am referring to the phenomenon(and not unusual) to find young men or salarymen completely collapsed after an evening of beer and sake.

They go sleep anywhere : on a scale , on the ground, on a bench, or underground.

A Businessman sleeps in a Tokyo's street


And this happens not only during holidays or special occasions, but also in normal working days.

I do not know the reason for this behavior, but going by logic, I would think that the level of alcohol in their body is so high that they would literally collapse, thus failing to achieve going home or going to sleep in a capsule hotel, for istance.

It is a strange and still entertaining thing, that you can walk around Tokyo and find a serious salaryman with a suit and expensive shoes, sleeping on the floor or even worse a pretty woman in a suit, who is collapsed in a corner of the metro station.

A businessman sleeping in a Tokyo metro station


The luck is that Japan is really a safe country, and the risk of any sexual harassment and rapes is significantly lower than in other areas of the world.

The pictures in this article show perfectly this phenomenon.

An old man sleeping in the Tokyo metro

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