Hanami in Tokyo : full bloom of cherry blossoms
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The Hanami is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of spring flowering trees, especially those of Japanese flowering cherry trees, the Sakura.

In the last weekend, Japan has been celebrating the hanami, the full bloom of cherry blossoms, that despite the powerful winds andrains of recent days did not affect their beauty nor their full bloom.


Japanese people celebrating Hanami in a park in Tokyo


Hanami is celebrated as parties from Japanese that meet with friends to make picnic, drinking and eating under cherry blossoms.

The sakura bloom reach their peak and then vanish in a short time. This can be considered sad, but the sakura are a symbol of hope and rebirth, in Buddhism.


Bloom of cherry blossoms in Tokyo


The photos are a sight that takes your breath away, the sakura sounds like a lot of cotton balls stuck to art on the branches of cherry trees.

A unique show that you can see with your own eyes if you visit Japan and if you are lucky enough to take the right time.


One thought on “Hanami in Tokyo : full bloom of cherry blossoms

  1. The cherry blossoms of Japan are one of the most beautiful flowers one can see, very romantic because of the context. Flowers, weather, surroundings.

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