Rescued at 9 days after Japan earthquake
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A woman aged 80 years and a boy of 16 were found alive in the rubble in the Japanese prefecture of Miyagi, nine days after the earthquake that devastated the northeast of Japan.

“They were in a state of mild hypothermia, but they were aware”, said a police spokesman in Ishinomaki.

Rescued after Japan earthquake

“They were rescued by a helicopter and sent to the hospital, ” he continued.

New hope for relatives of more than twenty thousand missing of the earthquake.

2 thoughts on “Rescued at 9 days after Japan earthquake

  1. It is wonderful how these brave men are still able to pull survivors out of the rubble that is or was Japan. Miracles do happen!

  2. I am sure that the Japanese will rebuild their country from the ground up to make it even more beautiful!

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