The Japanese heroes against the Fukushima nuclear plant
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A group of 139 Japanese heroes from Tokyo went to help the first group of 50 people to Fukushima, into what seems obvious to be a suicide mission.

Japanese heroes march into damaged fukushima daiichi nuclear plant while snowing in Japan

The volunteers, to whom we owe the highest respect, are members of the force of firefighters, who will try to tame that monster out of control that has become the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Despite the high level of radiation, these heroes will try to fix the situation, risking their own life, but knowing that they are being able to save many more.

Fukushima Nuclear Plant picture taken from sky

Meanwhile, the world’s nuclear agency IAEA has raised to 5, on a scale from 0 to 7, what occurred in Fukushima, and now also appears the possibility of covering the reactor with a concrete sarcophagus to prevent uncontrolled release of radioactive material, just as what they did for Chernobyl in 1986.

2 thoughts on “The Japanese heroes against the Fukushima nuclear plant

  1. I’d like to know the names of these 139 fireman, that are putting their lifes in risk (inside Fukushima nuclear power plant) , to save many other lifes, not only in Japan, but worldwide. I want to address a special prayer for them.
    For me, they represent the real spirit of the Bushido and the rescue of the Kamikazes (from second world war). This time, sacrificing their lifes only, to give a better life chance for their family, country and planet.
    My respects to all of them, and I feel honored and blessed to share this planet at the present time with them.
    Might GOD bless all of them!

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