The Day After the earthquake in Japan
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In Japan today in the day after the worst earthquake and disaster in his history, there are hours that you have to reckon with the damage assessments and the images that you see below are absolutely sad and shocking.

While the official death toll continues to rise, as well as those estimated, there have been more than 1,300 victims until now, from the Fukushima nuclear power plants continue to arrive very reassuring news.

The situation has not yet been brought under control, and continued losses of radioactive material, and the risk of a nuclear fusion is really present.

The government has recently sent a special team of firefighters at the station and also in the second plant in Fukushima, Fukushima Daini, the evacuation was extended to 10 km radius from the nuclear reactor.

Let’s hope that the technicians are able to avert the danger of a nuclear fusion.

Man resting after earthquake in Japan

Girls walking on street destroyed after Japan earthquake

A road destroyed after Japan earthquake

A house collapsed inside the road after Japan earthquake

An empty supermarket after Japan earthquake

Japanese people resting days after earthquake

Japanese people resting after earthquake

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